Welcome to our world..



This website is for the students of Industrial Engineering 2006-10 batch of CET..


In October 11th 2006, a bunch of 30 students joined together.. 28 of them were boys and two were girls. It was the beginning of a new life..for all of them. Some months later, 3 more guys joined them to complete the full pack. They stayed together as one soul..it was destiny.  During those days, they were known as Industrial Engineering students 2006-10 batch.. but today, they are 2010 Industrial Engineering batch  of CET.. Yes.. Here we are.. this is our world.. we will show you who are we..


During those four years, our life had changed.. our personalities changed.. but it was all for good. We all were different from other batches.. We were not like buji teams.. We were not like kalip teams.. but we were the best in CET..both in semester exams and in placements. We were the smallest batch in CET. But that was our strength.. We were fearless.. Either good or bad, we were at the helm..!!


During our college days, we had made many ever lasting memories.. Tours, Onam, Christmas, New year celebrations, Demo week and finally Tech and IT treat.. A send-off was not conducted because we are not going anywhere.. all of us are here.. we don’t like saying “Alvida”..


Photos taken in 2006

Now it’s the time of transformation.. life is waiting to change.. Some guys joined MBA.. Some guys got admission in MTech.. Some guys working in different companies and rest are waiting.. and some guys are waiting to change their life.. but we all are here.. the evergreen batch of CET..